Lateral Attorneys

Lateral attorneys who join our Firm are seeking a firm with an established and sophisticated client base and a management philosophy that promotes collegiality, fairness, and profitability. 

Our meritocracy is a source of pride among our attorneys. We encourage an entrepreneurial approach to the practice of law, and we reward those who provide quality service to our clients and those who generate work. While we do not grow for growth’s sake, we welcome opportunities to grow that are the right “fit.”

We incur expenses cautiously and invest in our Firm wisely. Our conservative fiscal management allows us to appropriately reward those who exceed our expectations and the expectations of our clients.

We are looking for lawyers who are passionate about practicing law, who are committed to providing outstanding service to clients, and who will thrive under our business model. If you would like to explore joining us, we would be pleased to hear from you. Please send your resume in confidence to Robert C. Brandt at