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Tales from the Trail: Meet Bryce Bennett

Added: 03/14/2016

You meet the most interesting people along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. Here’s one now: Bryce Bennett, partner at Riley Bennett & Egloff a daily Pacers Bikeshare user and proud Indy resident.

Can subcontractors recover their attorneys fees from general contractors under Indiana's Mechanic's Lien Act?

Added: 02/04/2016

In a recent decision interpreting Indiana’s Mechanic’s Lien Act, the Indiana Supreme Court strongly suggested that, in addition to allowing subcontractors to recover their attorneys fees from the owner’s property, the Act provides a basis for subcontractors to recover their attorneys fees from the general contractor.

Collections 101: What you need to know

Added: 01/04/2016

Congratulations! You have successfully navigated the small claims court process and have been able to secure a Judgment against that tenant who stopped paying the rent, the homeowner who called you to perform work in the dark of night after a terrible storm, or the patient who assured you that she would bring payment to her next visit. Although many business owners think the toughest part of the collection process is now behind them, most are surprised to learn that collecting the Judgment is a much more difficult and tedious task than expected.


Added: 11/23/2015

So, you have an employee who is consistently late to work, fails to follow company safety procedures, and generally demonstrates behavior that is inconsistent with authority. You want to fire him. But not so fast. The same troublesome employee also filed a worker’s compensation claim for a minor injury within the last year. Your insurance carrier paid the claim and there were no disputes about it. So why does it matter?

Riley Bennett and Egloff Attorneys Named Distinguished Fellows of the IBF

Added: 11/18/2015

Riley Bennett and Egloff, LLP is proud to announce that attorneys Laura Binford and Mark McKinzie have been named as members of the Indianapolis Bar Foundation's Class of 2015 Distinguished Fellows.