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Arbitration / Mediation / Alternative Dispute

For clients who are not experienced in litigation, being involved in a lawsuit can be difficult at best, exhaustive and costly at worst. But finding a win-win situation for all the parties involved short of trial can be very complicated.

That’s when having an attorney experienced in alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) becomes important. Going to trial is unavoidable in some cases, but our attorneys are effective at using mediation, arbitration and other ADR methods to neutralize emotions and resolve disputes.

ADR offers greater control over the process and the result. From setting the ground rules, to selecting the mediator, ADR not only offers more flexibility and can be faster and less expensive than court proceedings, but it can eliminate the “win-lose” mentality that is often present in court proceedings. Our lawyers are experienced in both mediation and arbitration. They will consult with you to determine which one will best meet your needs.